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    How can I implement this:<BR><BR>sub display<BR>Dim bMsgBoxReturn, ni, sData<BR>ni = 0<BR> while bMsgBoxReturn &#060;&#062; vbCancel <BR> ni = ni + 1<BR> sObjectName = "B"&ni<BR> bMsgBoxReturn = Msgbox(document.from1.sObjectName.Value,vbOKCancel )<BR> Wend<BR>end sub<BR><BR>I need to be able to "build" the name of my dynamically created textboxes inside a while loop!!<BR><BR>HELP!

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    i hope you can not use the name of the textbox that is not atpresent in the form object (which you are going to create dynamically) javascript will popup a error message saying the object is null or not found, instead of creating the controls dynamically you can use the div tags and hide the control so that the java error message will not popup. i hope i understood the problem if not i&#039m sorry

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    Thanks for you comments.<BR>I need to access the value of the dynamically created text boxes once the asp page has been processed (which means that the text boxes DO exist).<BR>I can hard code the names of the textboxes and access the value:<BR><BR>document.form1.B1.value<BR><BR>but I need to access them in a loop, which means I need to be able to build the name of each textbox inside the loop.<BR><BR>Something like:<BR><BR>document.form1."B"&nCounter.value<BR> <BR>But obviously this does not work.

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