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    Im sorry if that this is not toally relevant to this messageboard but I know how helpful everone is and was wondering if they could help me with a task I have been set.<BR><BR>Basically I have developed a CD of products that we sell to send out to customers, it does not require the customer to be online to view it it is all local links. Its all written in html though and is viewed through a browser.<BR>On the first screen of the CD we would like to ask for the users email address and whether they would like to be keep up to date on products we sell. Obviously as they are not online this information cannot be mailed to us from here, but I was wondering if it is possible to somehow save this information to their hard drive and then when they next go online this information gets mailed to a specified email address here to me, ideally without them noticing if possible...<BR><BR>Does anyone know weather this can be done, I would appreciate any opinions or ideas on the matter.<BR><BR>Thanks very much<BR><BR>Caroline

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    This is just a thought... What about creating a text file somewhere on the the client side... And when they do go online, you can check for that text file, and read it in... Then you can email or do whatever... You could do this without the user knowing about it... They would just have to access the asp page that will read this text file and email it to you...

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