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    I display records from a DB. And i have checkboxes for each record displayed. In order to modify the records i need to check the checkboxes and click modify button.All the records that are checked have to go to the next page. I have assigned the value of SSN(field Name in DB) to the checkbox. But this value does not get passed on to the next page and so no records are getting displayed. Please help me in this matter.

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    Default Is this in tha FAQ...I has to be though

    Give your check boxes the SAME name and assign the values of the ID or SSN what ever you will be including in your WHERE condition in you SQL Query.<BR><BR>In the next page when you submit your form see what request.form("Checkboxname") retrieves <BR><BR>after you do that with a small replace function your records will be retrieved. <BR><BR>You will get a , delimited string in your next page<BR><BR>then you will have to do a <BR><BR>a = replace(request.form("Checkboxname"),", ","&#039,&#039")<BR><BR>then you can do a<BR><BR>Select * from......where a in (&#039" & a & "&#039)" . this will retrieve all the records from you DB you had checked in teh previous form

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