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    Axelrod Guest

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    Is there anything obvious wrong with this SQL Statement? Ths variable works, and the line breaks are OK in real life. I&#039ve got a field name - CentreID - that is used twice, but it is referred to by its field name each time.<BR><BR>strSQL = "SELECT Centres.Password, ProjServices.* FROM Centres INNER JOIN ProjServices ON Centres.CentreID = ProjServices.CentreID WHERE Centres.Password = &#039" & strPassword & "&#039"<BR><BR>

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    salli Guest

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    It might be your ProjServices.*<BR><BR>I&#039ve had trouble with * before. Try calling out the field names you want from this table instead.

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    Axelrod Guest

    Default Fraid not...

    I tried doing this and get the same error ( Too few parameters. Expected 1. )<BR>

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    salli Guest

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    This usually means you&#039re trying to call a field which doesn&#039t exist in the database - check all your field names are spelled correctly.

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