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    Big Al Guest

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    I have a page which will return all the fields from a database. what I want to do then is make each one a link and if the user selects that record. it will show them all infoamtion regarding the link on a new page. any idea how to send the record name which the user click on to the next page??

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    Dan White Guest

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    What you need to do is dynamically create a link.<BR><BR>Assuming you display all your records in a While...Wend loop, you would add this line in:<BR><BR>...&#060;a href="detailspage.asp?id=&#060;%=objRS("RecordID") %&#062;"&#062;Click here to view details&#060;/a&#062;...<BR><BR>You then are dynamically creating a series of links with querystrings attached. The &#039detailspage.asp&#039 should then Request.QueryString("id") to pull out the RecordID and can then pull out the full record and display the details.<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR><BR>Dan

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