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    I am new to ASp I dont know Vbscript, should i learn it using ASP or learn Vbscript alone without putting &#060;% %&#062;?<BR><BR>What is the best VBscript book for beginnners?<BR><BR>Whats is a.......<BR>Arguments?<BR>Object?<BR>Link?<BR><BR> When would you use a function over a sub?<BR><BR>I know () has something to do with Arguments, but what?<BR><BR>many Thanks<BR>Alex

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    Hi,<BR>VBScript can be used for both Server as well as Client side scripting. Using &#060;% %&#062; means u are using VBScript for Server side. For writing ASP u can use VBScript or JScript and for Client side use either JavaScript or VBScript(my choice will go for JavaScript).<BR>If u are familiar with VB, then it&#039s very easy to use VBScript.<BR>There r many books for VBScript. Right now, I can&#039t remember, there is book in Wrox publication may be Mastering VBScript. Check the Wrox site.<BR><BR>Sandip<BR>www11.ewebcity.com/aspindia<BR>

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