Intresting IIS4 Problem in App Mappings

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Thread: Intresting IIS4 Problem in App Mappings

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    S. Ahsan Ashja Guest

    Default Intresting IIS4 Problem in App Mappings

    I have to map all files to asp.dll (I want ASP engine to execute all files for e.g. 123.gif, abc.exe). For this I made app Mapping with "*"(wild card) and it&#039s working fine in IIS 5.0 . But when I tested it on IIS 4.0, I failed. IIS 4 is not supporting app mappings of "*". For this I have to make all mappings manually. But there r (3 raise to the power 26) possible extensions and making of mappings of such number of extensions is quite difficult.<BR>I want to do mapping in IIS 4.0 . Is there any way except ISAPI to implement such thing.<BR><BR>Plz mail me if any body has any idea.<BR><BR>Thanx in anticipation<BR><BR>S. Ahsan Ashja<BR>Software Engineer<BR><BR><BR>

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    Alphabet Guest

    Default Dear god why?

    Dear god why?

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