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    Jack Lee Guest

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    I have opened two access database connection from two different web location, how can I move data from one location to another. the two tables are in same structure.<BR>anyone has any idea? please help. sample code will be the best. cheers.<BR>

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    Sateesh Guest

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    you can open two different connections for each of the database and using one connection select the data from the database which you want to tranform to the other database , open a loop and convert all those rows into individual insert statemenrts and insert on the other database using the second connection loop until the end of the recordset and thzz it, this works fine if u wanna transform data between twodatabses for a single table if the number of tables or more you have to loop the same for all the table which is a pain, in that casae use a bcp to transform from one database to the other (i hope access even allows to do a bcp)

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    Jose Nava Guest

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    It would go something like this<BR>You would have to set up the two odbc connections. Then you would open the two of them on your asp page<BR><BR>ex.<BR>set connobj = server.createobject("adodb.connection")<BR>connobj .open dsn1<BR><BR>sql = "SELECT * from table1"<BR>set rs = connobj.execute(sql)<BR><BR> dsn2<BR><BR>sql = "insert into table 1 values();"<BR>connobj.execute(sql)<BR><BR>if you have anymore question just email me. hopefully this works.<BR><BR>-Jose Nava<BR><BR><BR>

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