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    Reuben Guest

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    I am beginner in the process of teaching myself ASP.I downloaded<BR>a minimal version of PWS.My question is when i am testing simple <BR>asp pages and i go to "save as" in notepad using my "asp" extension i keep geting error messages saying "invalid filename"<BR>I have tried different you have any suggestion?or do you know an easier or better way of saving file in notepad.await your response,thank you.

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    Indra Guest

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    Hi<BR><BR>When u save your asp files in notepad, in the &#039Save As&#039 window make sure you set the option &#039Save as Type&#039 = &#039All Files&#039. Then enter your filename as something.asp<BR><BR>Hope this solves your problem. If no, let me know

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    Dan White Guest

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    Reuben,<BR><BR>What happens is that Notepad automatically adds a *.txt extension to your files, even if you specify a *.asp extension anyway. As Indra says, use Save As Type All Files or alternatively leave the Save As Type alone and surround your filename with speech marks, as in "filename.asp". This will force it to save the file with the filename between the speech marks.<BR><BR>Dan

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