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    Jamie Silvia Guest

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    I&#039m creating a bulletin board that has a Search page. On that page I want to include a selection criteria so that the user can select to view all the bulletins that were posted within a specific date range that they would choose from a FROM DATE and TO DATE field. When a user first creates a bulletin, they select a Post Date (the date they actually want the bulletin to be posted). So basically, I&#039m a little confised on how to implement this on my Search Page so that I can have a user select that they want to see all the bulletins that were posted between an earlier "Post Date" (FROM) and a later "Post Date" (To). Any help or direction is greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>

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    Arvind. Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR> Hi<BR><BR> Use dynamic query for eg..<BR><BR> select * from table where fromdate &#062;= &#060;form.fromdate&#062;<BR> and todate &#060;= &#060;form.todate&#062;<BR><BR> i hope this will help you<BR><BR>Arvind.

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