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    I may not be able to adequately explaing what I&#039m trying to do here, but I&#039ll try.<BR><BR>I&#039m relatively new to ASP but I&#039ve found enough information and code to build the following "site". Some of my terminology may not be 100% correct, so please bear with me.<BR><BR>What we&#039re trying to do is set up a template based system for posting content on our intranet. We&#039d like to have user (who have no HTML training) be able to edit content in Word, Excel, etc., save that as text files, and then load them into a template file. They would also have a CSV index file for their department that basically lists the available content for that department.<BR><BR>The page layout is as follows:<BR><BR>200px high table for heading information and a main navigation menu for major part of the site not related to departments. The remaining portion of the page is a table with 3 columns. The left column contains the department index, the center section is the content currently being viewed, and the right column contains an expanding heirarchical menu system for each department and major sections within that deparment.<BR><BR>The template.asp page examines the URL to retrieve the department name, content filename, and index filename. The index file has the filename with relative path in it. The URL is constructed by using the current department name and index name if the link is within the same department. If outside the department, it gets the new one from the hierarchical menu.<BR><BR>There are more details, but I think I may have overdone it already. I&#039m not really having any problems, just doubts and concerns. One, am I using the right technology? Is there something better. Two, is my code fat? I may be repeating steps over and over that can be done much more simply. I have "stolen" some of the code, like connecting to CSV files on the fly, etc., but I had to greatly modify it for my purposes.<BR><BR>I&#039m hoping someone would be willing to look at what I&#039ve done and offer some opinions on how it can be improved or tell me I&#039m going in completely the wrong direction. I just look at the code and think "Geez, all that to retrieve the index filename", if you understand what I&#039m saying.<BR><BR>I&#039d appreciate any appropriate and constructive feedback anyone would be willing to offer.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    The concept looks fine to *me*. And there is no realistic way to comment on the implementation based on that description. I guess I am of the opinion that "if it ain&#039t broke, don&#039t fix it." Presumably, this "site" will never have hundreds of hits per minute, so the actual technology used probably isn&#039t important. Treat this as a learning experience: "Working" is "good enough" and if you think of improvements later...well, later is later.<BR><BR>

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