We are having problems with the 2.0 build test in that IIS does not seem to be recognizing the Contents collection of the Session variable as follows:<BR><BR>If you refer to a session value using Session.Contents("somevar"), the line fails<BR><BR>If you refer to a session value using Session("somevar"), the line appears to succeeds, and I have verified that it actually has a value<BR><BR>We have checked and verified that session usage is active in IIS, and that IE allows writing of cookies...but still have not found a solution to the problem. I suspect an IIS configuration problem, since this script has worked fine in both the 1.0 and 1.5 releases.<BR>We are using IIS 4.0 with NT, but that should be OK. The books on IIS4 show the Session.Contents collection as part of the supported API. Also again note that it works fine if we use the default reference to the variables rather than an explicit reference.<BR><BR>And finally, the fact that the exact same code is working fine on our production system, but not on the test system......<BR>