Serious ASP/COM cats, please help!

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Thread: Serious ASP/COM cats, please help!

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    OK advanced ASP cats, here&#039s the deal. I need to write an ASP component that in effect creates and sends a wake on LAN packet from the webserver to a client on my LAN. Been pouring over MS&#039 website trying to find what I need and I have the details for a network wake-up frame. My problem is that I&#039ve never coded network broadcasts from scratch so I&#039m in limbo as far as where to go from here.<BR><BR>Rich

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    I&#039m afraid this sounds beyond the means of even all the most advanced Win32 Network API calls I know (i.e. stuff you can do in VB). This probably means that you are going to have to use Visual C++ (or a third-part component) to gain the low-level access to the network you need (unless I am misunderstanding your goal).<BR><BR>I suggest asking this in a microsoft newsgroup, possibly one of the forums or maybe microsoft.public.platformsdk.networking.<BR><BR>Ri chard

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    KodeKrash Guest

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    If I read your post correctly, your server is trying to "wake" a client ? If this is the case, you just need to write a COM that can send the proper traffic to "wake" the client. This is easily done in VB. I probably even have code that could be changed to work. I don&#039t remember what traffic cause the "wake", but I am sure it would be simple to emulate using a COM.<BR><BR>KodeKrash -

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