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    *<BR> Hello,<BR> I recently used CDONTS to send a bulk mail to our sites membership. Everything went fine for the most part except for a few<BR> messages to &#060;; addresses. The morning after sending the mail out, I arrived early to receive a call from a<BR> member who was very angry, she had received our message 3,000+ times. I freaked, thinking at first that I had created a<BR> nightmare loop that was never ending, just continuing to resend the message over and over again to every member. <BR><BR> I checked the server, ran some tests, looked at the logs and everything I saw said that it sent just one message out to each<BR> member. I used the bcc field, looping through the database, setting a counter with an if statement which when the counter would<BR> reach 20 it would send, and then start creating the next bcc string. <BR><BR> I ended up receiving four calls or messages, all from hotmail users who has received our message multiple times. I contacted<BR> hotmail, got a tech who responded back to me with the following;<BR><BR> "What I&#039ve noted with IIS 4.0 and Hotmail is:<BR> 1: One sends an email which has X number of Hotmail addresses in the cc field and one returns as &#039no such user&#039, or &#039account<BR> inactive&#039, or &#039service unavailable, mailbox full&#039: the other X-1 hotmail users recieve a copy.<BR> 2: This causes Hotmail to say &#039sorry, 554 error&#039 in regards that one account; other users in that list receieve a copy of the email.<BR> 3: IIS- for some reason- interprets that as &#039NONE of these went through&#039 and then for some reason retries on a 554 instead of<BR> giving up (most other mail programs give up / drop dead @ a 554), and delivers the mail, again, to X Hotmail users.<BR> 4: back to 1<BR><BR> It&#039s a really really _ugly_ bug, and I honestly do not know enough about how it&#039s solved, but I have been told there&#039s a solution in<BR> the Knowledge Base for this and that it&#039s some manner of patch one can find there."<BR><BR> I have searched all over the place, and can find nothing about this, at MS etc. So I am wondering if anyone here has experienced<BR> anything similar with hotmail? My thinking is that this was some sort of bizarre problem at hotmail and not at all related to me.<BR> We has 750+ other hotmail users whom only received the message once.<BR><BR> SPECS: IIS 4.0, NT service pack 5, SQL server 7.0<BR>

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    My advice :<BR><BR>1. use a different component - we use JMail here, and no problems reported during mailouts<BR>2. perform very tight validation on your form<BR>3. don&#039t sign people up unless they confirm the address at least works. here&#039s how :<BR><BR>when they sign up, add them to the database, but have a column for &#039active&#039, which you set to false.<BR>send them an email<BR>when they recieve the email, there&#039ll be a hyperlink inside to an activation page, which sets &#039active&#039 to true<BR><BR>the simplest way is to just use the different component<BR><BR><BR>j

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