is there a sequel command for 'and or' ?

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Thread: is there a sequel command for 'and or' ?

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    mark Guest

    Default is there a sequel command for 'and or' ?

    I&#039m trying to make my sequel statement lookup to fields in the database to sum up numbers and an &#039and or&#039 statement would be convienent here. does anybody know what that command would look like? my sequel statement looks like this:<BR><BR>("SELECT COUNT(StatusID) AS StatusCount FROM StudentClasses WHERE StatusID = &#039R&#039 and or &#039P&#039 AND ClassID = " & Rs("ClassID"))<BR>

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    Is this what your looking for ??<BR><BR>WHERE (StatusID = &#039R&#039 or StatusID = &#039P&#039 ) AND ClassID = " & Rs("ClassID"))<BR>

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    mark Guest

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    ahh...yes. thank you sir.

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