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    bryn Guest

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    im getting an error that displays all the characters as boxes<BR>ie as if it cant find the font...wich is set as arial...<BR>happens in random locations on the page...changing each time the page is refreshed????????????

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    Elliot Guest

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    Can we see the code?

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    bryn Guest

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    unfortunately its confidential :( (and its huge too)<BR>i was just wondering if anyone had come across this..<BR>it works fine in ie5 and netscape but not ie4...the code is everyday html 4 with some asp code that fills in certain pics if the user comes from different locations...nothing unusual...i have read that this could be unicode problems but there is no statements relating to unicode (that i can find...i didnt write the code...he left the company...)<BR><BR>thanks for the time

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    Elliot Guest

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    Dontcha just love getting hand-me-down code?<BR><BR>If you&#039re using only Arial, try using a couple of different fonts, and see if NN will find one it likes, ie - Times New Roman or something. Sometimes, if NN doesnt like the font, but you dont provide an alternative, it will do funky things to it.<BR><BR>Good luck!

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    bryn Guest

    Default cheers elliot!

    thanks matey

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    Elliot Guest

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    sure thing :)

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