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    I am developing a site in ASP and SQL Server wherein a user has to be registered to access the site.<BR>But there are three other sites which are of the same companies and there they have used JSP and Oracle.<BR>The problem is that a person can register at any site and should be able to access any of the four sites.<BR>Should all the registeration be done at one database or is there any other way to do it.<BR>I understand that microsoft uses a similar kind of login called passport sign in, wherein a user can check his hotmail account and get into other microsoft sites.<BR>CAn someone please guide me out of this issue.<BR>regards<BR>Venny

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    I would probably use one database to keep everything manageable and central. If there is already a database setup then I can&#039t see any reason why you can&#039t query an Oracle database from ASP, that&#039s what SQL and ODBC are for. Unfortuneatly I have never used Oracle as all the databases I use are either SQL Server or Access.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Mark

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