How to run EXE in asp?

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Thread: How to run EXE in asp?

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    hi,<BR><BR>can anyone over there tell me how to run an exe file in an asp page. i can down load the exe on clients pc but now i want to run it on clients pc through asp code. <BR><BR>its just like shell function in VB.<BR><BR>pls tell me an alternative for this. thanks in advance.<BR><BR>regards,<BR>sudheer.

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    You cannot run an exe on the clients machine - only they can do that. Just think of the horrific virus/trojan problems if it were possible - my site could force you to run an exe to reformat your sytem drive, or install BackOrifice2000, or steal all your passwords...<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Default Download prompt

    How do i make a download prompt appear when the user clicks a button or a hylerlink

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