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    Brief Description: How to move data from local access database to another access database in different location by ASP.<BR><BR>Full Description: I am working with a bit strange client, they have a access database on their web server that people can place a order, and they want to have second order asp page in our server that customer can place order into our local access database, then every minute asp page automaticly send data into their database, after that, the order record will be delete from our local database. <BR><BR>if my question makes sense, please give me answer!!! I am stress out. Cheers

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    Every MINUTE????<BR><BR>That&#039s silly!<BR><BR>That will put more stress on the system than just always sending the changes directly to the main database.<BR><BR>Anyway, unless the two sites are somehow connected on a LAN, then the only way you can do it is by reading the info from your DB and then calling up a page on their DB that you post the data to. Yuck. A *LOT* of overhead! (Hmmm...actually, would probably be easier for THEIR site to contact your site every minute and ask for all updates. Easier to code, for sure! Less outside overhead.)<BR><BR>But every MINUTE? That is just plain silly. They aren&#039t gaining enough to make it worth while! Every HOUR might make sense.<BR><BR>

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