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Thread: User DSN Vs. System DSN

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    pari Guest

    Default User DSN Vs. System DSN

    wats the difference between these two types of DSN other than <BR>one is for the current user and the other any1 can use<BR>wat exactly does both differ in terms of usage..<BR>i mean i created a DSN "test123DSN" in both but only the systemDSN works. if i use the user DSN it gives me error driver not found.. am using MS access... please if any help available on this topic ?<BR>thnx<BR>pari

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    Chrace Guest

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    That&#039s because, as you say, User DSN is for current user. And the web server is using a user called IUSR_&#060;machine name&#062; which allows it to have access to the underlying file system anonymously. And since you are not logged in as this you cannot access the User DSNs.<BR><BR>The IUSR_&#060;machine name&#062; is created with a randomized password. I never tried fiddling with it but I presume if you login with this username the User DSNs would work.

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