Regrets for the cross-post, but didn&#039t realize there was a specialized board for component issues.....until just now that is....<BR><BR>I have found what appears to be a bug in the ASPImage component from ServerObjects. <BR><BR>The Method, AddImageTransparent, seems to default to "white" being the transparent color regardless of what is declared in the intColor parameter. For instance both of the following lines of code are generating a transparent color of "white" :<BR><BR>Image.AddImageTransparent "....AUAU01.bmp", 0, 0, vbBlack<BR><BR>Image.AddImageTransparent "....AUAU01.bmp", 100, 100, vbWhite<BR><BR>I am adding a black and white logo to a background image, and would like to change the color (from black) based on the user&#039s selection.<BR><BR>1) Is there a work-around within the ASPImage component? or<BR><BR>2) Is there another approach to changing the color of a B&W bmp image? (apart from loading hundreds of different color bmp&#039s ;-)<BR><BR>Kind Regards......<BR><BR><BR>