&nbsp;<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I&#039m connecting to MS Access 97, developing in MS Interdev 6.0.<BR><BR>I want to do a ...UpdateBatch command.<BR><BR>However, I&#039m getting errors on the following statements:<BR><BR>rstemp.CursorLocation=adUseServ er<BR>rstemp.CursorType = adopenkeyset<BR>rstemp.LockType = adlockbatchoptimistic<BR><BR>Is it because Access doesn&#039t support these functions?<BR>Will SQL accept these statements above?<BR>That&#039s my only guess. I ran it on my pc using PWS and then on my hosting site using NT IIS 4.0 and got the same result.<BR><BR>Can you help,<BR>Thanks,<BR>Brian