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    Ben Roy Guest

    Default accessing restricted resources on NT server

    Here&#039s what I&#039m trying to do: I need to set up a page where another company can visit a web page on one of our servers and enter new dialup users. I got a response to a previous post to check out ADSI for adding user accounts. This looks like a very simple solution that should work great. The problem is, in order to access the object I need to add users, administrator access is required. However, I don&#039t want to give the other company an adminstrator account on our server. How can I configure it so that the page that creates the user account has admin priviledges without actually giving the permissions to the individuals?

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    Dave Pifer Guest

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    The only way I know without having admin rights is that at least they should have account operator rights first...this is thinking way out of the box but I wonder what would happen if you wrote some code to add them to the account operators group long enough to add the dial-in accounts and then write code to take them out of the account operators upon exit. Just a wild thought...

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    Ben Roy Guest

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    Well...only problem with that is that you wouln&#039t have the user rights to change them in to the account operator&#039s group. Same thing, you need those permissions already to make the change in the first place. What I need is some way to specify that a certain page has rights that are different that the user that is logged in. There&#039s got to be some way to do this.

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    Dave Pifer Guest

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    Let me ponder on this...I know that for the ADSI way to work you have to have only MS-CHAP selected and not Anonymous (If you are using IIS4)for which that user has to have an account and it is the user and not the page that the NT security is driven by...I will have to think about it. There should be a way though...Microsoft&#039s Systems Management Server along with the program WinInstall from Seagate allows the admin to push software remotely to the user&#039s desktop so when they login new software is installed even though they do not have the permission to install it......

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    Ben Roy Guest

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    Ben Roy Guest

    Default Actually one other thing

    I am can&#039t get to the ADSI download for 2.5. I keep getting a web server error of some kind. If you already have that downloaded is there any chance you could send it to me? I&#039d appreciate it.<BR><BR>Ben Roy<BR>Innova Technologies<BR><BR>

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