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    John Christman Guest

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    Hi,<BR>My company is thinking about moving a Access97 App. to ASP. I<BR>know that the data we will import to SQL, but what about the<BR>forms and reports? I have over 200 forms, will I have to build<BR>one form at a time or can I Import the Access forms to ASP?<BR>Thanks<BR>E-Mail is<BR>

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    capnfunky Guest

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    I am working on the same type of problem and have found that Access 97 can publish reports to html (static). So depending on how your reports need to work you can physically update them and re-publish. that sucks! I am looking to do this dynamically so I&#039ll let you know. <BR>Forms however??? I am not sure I am looking into Access 2000 today to see what newer features are provided.<BR><BR>Good Luck!

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