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    I need to make a series of pages that users can update them seleves. I think I am going to use the database for this but<BR>what type of advantages would there be with text files, if any.<BR><BR>Thnaks,<BR><BR>Rob

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    With the database you would have the obvious overhead of having to connect to the database...plus create DSN, users etc for access. (though this may provide more security)<BR><BR>With text files, you could simply setup a folder and grant them permission to "drag-n-drop" into your publication folder. <BR><BR>I have used the method to allow my business users to "update" text files with time sensitive data, allowing the information to be displayed w/out them having to even go to the web or use any utilities. I would tell them, that if you can "drag-n-drop" you can publish to the [intranet] web.<BR><BR>Also, your text files can be searched/indexed whereas the database can not.

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