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    In my code I have pages that require mulitple calls. So if I have four SQL calls, I have 4 open and closes and 4 recordsets. I close each recordset and connecton right after the looping through of the recordsets. In some cases I might have mulitple connections open at once, but I close them down as soon as possible. Am I missing the obvious? <BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    NEVER NEVER NEVER use multiple connections unless you are truly accessing different DATABASES, not just tables in the same database! (And if you *are* doing that, then think *real* hard as to why you need to! Is there *really* any reason you can&#039t use multiple tables in the same DB?)<BR><BR>Connections are *VERY* expensive to set up and tear down, in terms of system resources. You are far, far, far better off to open one connection and use it to work with as many recordsets as needed. You certainly do *NOT* need more than one connection per database, ever.<BR><BR>Hokay?<BR><BR>As for the recordsets: Sure, closing them as soon as you are done with them is a good idea. Even doing<BR> &nbsp; Set RS = Nothing<BR>isn&#039t a bad idea, though it might not help as much as some authors try to get you to believe.<BR><BR>

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