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    How does one generate images in ASP? In other words, if I have a shopping site and a user clicks on a link for an item, on the next page the user will see the information of that item, but mainly the image of the item. How is that image generated?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    I&#039m relatively new to all this but this is how I do it (assuming that the information about the product is obtained from a database).<BR><BR>Have the relevant image name in the database too and fetch it with the rest of the data. The images themselves are all "up there" eg. in a directory called images.<BR><BR>Once the name of the image is in a variable, you can use gfxSpex to obtain the details and use accordingly. There is an example of this working in my own thread below.

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    Thanks for the info Gareth. I will see what I can do with your sugesstions.<BR><BR>yolisten

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