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    Hey thanks for reading. I don&#039t know if I have a ISP problem or a coding problem. Probably a coding problem. I have made similar posts and am curious as to the best practice with db connections. The consensus I got was that you should open and close connections for each sql call. So I did that but I am still getting "unspecified errors" and "file is in use" when accessing dbs. I get those on the open statement when the db is getting hit with mulitple users. <BR><BR>Is it common practice to code a loop for each open until the open is successful. If you have the code, I would appreciate it. But of course I will dig and find it. Is this the best practical solution. Thanks for your time

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    Default Answered in [more information] above.

    (Those who helped generate the "consensus" simply don&#039t know how to read, not even the MS docs on the topic.)<BR><BR><BR>

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