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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a project running where I have thousands of URL&#039s stored in a <BR>SQL server database. These are links entered by various users to the web site. <BR><BR>Now is there a way by which I can check if these links are working links or not on a reguler basis ? This I must be able to write as a function so that the Admin. can check the links.<BR><BR>I am using ASP pages with VB compoment as the middle tier and SQL 7.0 as the back end.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Rajendran

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    VBScript (.vbs file), task scheduler, ASPTear<BR><BR>schedule it to run maybe once a week or every fortnight.<BR><BR>go through the database, requesting each page. If aspTear returns an error, log it as an error, don&#039t delete straight away (i suggest an extra field in the DB), and if it returns no error, remove any previously logged error. <BR><BR>This will take up quite a chunk of bandwidth. If you have unlimited bandwidth use, go for it, if not - be careful<BR><BR>j

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    You will have to use an HTTP component to request each of the URLs and check the response code - 200 means OK, 404 means not found etc. The XMLHTTP component will do the job, and is probably already installed. There is an article on ASP Today about this sort of thing but their server&#039s down right now so I can&#039t get the URL.<BR><BR>Dunc

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