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    How do people do that. I have a form people fill out and submit and I want to send them an autoreply confirming the form was received and add some marketing fluff.<BR><BR>Examples out there?????

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    One way to do it is have the form method post the data to an asp page that contains the response. The response could include data from the input form.

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    E! Guest

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    Are you talking about an email autoreply?

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    Internetcliche Guest

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    Yes. I want to send back an email.<BR><BR>I want to say something like, "Thanks for downloading the application. Please respond to this email,, if you have an questions.<BR><BR>My goal is to send a file attachment via autoresponder based on a check box or drop-down slection. I.E., user chooses app1.exe on the form and get&#039s sent back to them via email.

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