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    newtoo Guest

    Default netscape??

    Hey, my code won&#039t work in netscape. but it will in IE, what things should i be weary of???<BR>thanks.

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    Jonathan Swartz Guest

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    Hey there,<BR><BR>What type of code is not working in Netscape? HTML, DHTML, JavaScript?<BR><BR>Need more info to help.

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    newtoo Guest

    Default RE: netscape?? ASP

    sorry,<BR>i figured, this was an ASP message board. yeah. my asp code only works in explorer<BR>how can i fix this??<BR>

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    ? Guest

    Default RE: netscape?? ASP

    Post your code that is not working... ASP can use different types of scripting languages that have different effects on NN or IE... You need to elaborate!!

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    newtoo Guest

    Default get and post

    &nbsp;<BR>doesn&#039t netscape have a problem with one of these???

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    The ASP code you use has ZERO effect on how your pages look in netscape, because it&#039s all run on the server.<BR><BR>The HTML you use has a big effect obviously. My advice is to stay away from any advanced html and keep it as simple as possible. That will minimize your netscape problems.

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