publishing an SQL statment.

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Thread: publishing an SQL statment.

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    Big Al Guest

    Default publishing an SQL statment.

    I have a SQL select statment. But am unsure once I have got the records how do I write then to the html page?

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    Jonathan Swartz Guest

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    Al,<BR><BR>You need to interact with a data access technology such as ADO in order to access the datastore and return a recordset for your SQL statement. There are several ways of accomplishing this, and some of them depend on the type of database you are using (SQL Server, Access, Oracle, etc.) Do some research on ADO Recordsets and ADO Connections, this is invaluable knowledge for any development language.<BR><BR>Check out this article for more details<BR><BR><BR>If you need more help, drop me a line at<BR><BR>Good luck!

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    E! Guest

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    Response.Write in asp code...<BR><BR>Or use the asp tags inside of html &#060;%= rs("field") %&#062;

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