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    How to clear the history of the client browser once the user logs out of the site ?<BR>This is important for me because I am using querystring for session tracking.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Ashish Tiwari

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    You can&#039t clear the client&#039s history!! I guess your problem is the client is caching previous pages with their old Session Data. I&#039ve had this problem too, and tried all kinds of response.expires etc etc to stop from caching and nothing really works, especially with Netscape.<BR><BR>The best way I&#039ve found to force the client to get a new page is too add a random querystring to the url you are requesting. The best way I&#039ve found to create a random querystring is to use the date. It&#039s easy just add something like cachebuster=&#060;% =Server.URLencode(Now()) %&#062; to all your links.

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