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    how do i set a maxlength on a text area

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    Big Al Guest

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    I don&#039t think you can. the only way to sort of do it is to control the box size. the textarea it&#039s self has no charater limit.

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    rho Guest

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    u can control the maxlength directing the text area value to a js fun. that will throw an error incase the length of the text area var is greater than the specified value. maxLength as such cannot be applied to text area<BR><BR>hope this helps<BR>rho<BR>

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    E! Guest

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    Code example:<BR><BR>function chkLen(s,inLen,errString)<BR>{<BR> var len=s.length<BR> if(len&#062;inLen)<BR> {<BR> alert("The "+errString+" field is too long!
    The max size is "+inLen+" and you have "+len+".
    Please shorten this field.")<BR> return true<BR> }<BR> return false<BR>}

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