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    nek Guest

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    I want my site to be viewed in different languages. How do I do this? Do i need an applet or what?

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    Chrace Guest

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    Multiple languages can be tricky, I have done it a few times. Normally I make 2 tables in the db - langdef and texts. Langdef is just the language name and an id. In texts are every single text used in the site with a corresponding language id.<BR><BR>You then need to make use of SQL to retrieve the data, but if you put a page number it can be kept to just one extra db call per page. The texts will need an id corresponding to the place in the page where it has to be put.<BR>Ex: "select text from texts where (LanguageID = " & iLangID & ") and (PageID = " & iPageID & ") order by ID"<BR>Loop through this and insert as needed.<BR><BR>This make it possible for the user to select any of the existing languages.<BR><BR>Might be a bit messy answer but the issue is quite nasty. Might be easier ways out there but this is very scaleable and new languages can be inserted somewhat easily.

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