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    I am trying to filter an Access 2000 database with ASP using oRs.Filter="Number&#062;5022000". I get the following error, Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.<BR><BR>Interestingly, if I use the less than sign, "Number&#060;5022000", the code works.<BR><BR>The database holds values between 0 and 8002000.<BR><BR>I have tried changing the data type in the database from integer, long integer, single and double without any success.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?

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    It seems stupid, but...<BR><BR>If &#060; works, then maybe &#062;= will?<BR><BR>So try<BR> &nbsp; &nbsp; oRs.Filter="Number &#062;= 5022001"<BR><BR>And did you try it with spaces before and after the &#062; ? Shouldn&#039t matter, but...<BR><BR>You do know that the FILTER property is implemented entirely in the ADODB.RecordSet object, and (at least in theory) the kind of DB from which you pulled the RecordSet shouldn&#039t matter.<BR><BR>You do also know that using FILTER after getting more records than are needed is a bad idea. (If you are using *all* the records for some other purpose and then applying the filter to get a subset, that&#039s fine; just don&#039t use filter in place of a WHERE clause in SQL.)<BR><BR>

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