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Thread: Access 2000 to SQL Sever 7.0 Advise

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    I have to build a site and eventually have it work with SQL Server 7.0. What I&#039d like to do is build it first in with ACCESS 2000 then upsize and modify the connections. Is there any reason I shouldn&#039t do it this way?<BR><BR>Table building and modifying and creating mock data is much easier in ACCESS 2000

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    i would advise you to go for sql straight up pal...<BR>here are some of the reasons that i could think of...<BR>1) access is not a client server database it is a file server loads the woule **** table into ur desktop...<BR>2)access uses page locking as opposed to record locking..when it comes to web based applications this is not a healthy situation..<BR>because access locks six records together.<BR>3)if you are using date functions in ur application you will end up in a big mess when migrating...<BR>4) why would u wanna go through the hassle unless there is a good reason for it?

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