Grabbing web pages without FileSystemObject

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Thread: Grabbing web pages without FileSystemObject

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    Dan Pupius Guest

    Default Grabbing web pages without FileSystemObject

    Hi there, basically what I want to do is read a page into a variable via the server.<BR>I know how to open a file on the server and read that using the Scripting.FileSystemObject.<BR>What I need is the text equivalent of what the browser receives.<BR>Is this possible? Can you get pages both locally and externally?<BR><BR>i.e.<BR>strPage = readFrom("")<BR>or<BR>strPage2 = readFrom("hotels.asp?location=manchester")<BR><BR> Thanks in advance<BR>Dan

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    Default You need a component...

    ...such as AspTear or AspHTTP. Both are good third party components and are fairly reasonably priced. I think the first is from Software Artisans and the second is from<BR><BR>(Your alternative is to write your own component. But that means you need to know enough to figure out how to emulate a web browser, sending an HTTP request and awaiting the response. Which isn&#039t overwhelmingly difficult--pretty easy in Java, for example--but is not for the faint of heart.)<BR><BR><BR>

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    Dan Pupius Guest

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    I was sort of looking for a quick solution, so I think I&#039ll go down the component path.<BR><BR>Thanks

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