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    Situation:<BR>I have an ASP pages that contains a Email form, when submited I want one of two responces to appear<BR>" Your mail has been sent"<BR>" Your mail has not been sent"<BR>Thus, I want the currennt page to refresh and print one of these two lines based on the IF...Then statements in the<BR>code.<BR>I think I have the code in the wrong place because the original form is not showing up, just the responses.<BR><BR>So, how in my code can I have the mail form filled out, submitted, refresh the page and return only one of my two replies.<BR><BR>here is a little snipit of my code.<BR><BR>&#060;%If IsObject(objNewMail) Then%&#062;<BR>Thank you, your feedback form <BR>&#060;%ElseIf IsObject(objNewMail) Then%&#062;<BR>There was an error in submitting your Benchmarking comments. <BR>&#060;%Else%&#062;

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    You can&#039t go back!<BR>What you can do is build an exact copy of the page, and add those lines using serverside-code.<BR><BR>Bart<BR>

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