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    Does anyone know of an ASP component that will do an HTTP POST using SSL to a second server? I don&#039t want to redirect the browser to the second server, but instead want to gather information from the user via SSL, then have MY SERVER connect to another SSL server and POST the data and collect the response.<BR><BR> has AspHTTP, which I think does exactly what I want except it does not support an SSL connection. Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Doug McDowell Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I&#039m working on something similar for my company...basically we have a propietary web server which our customers want to be able to talk to in order to retrieve banking info for their customers. We will let our customers IIS talk to our IIS via web components (active X dll on the client side, perhaps a service on our side) using https.<BR><BR>There are more elegant ways to do it in C++, but since I&#039m not a C++ guy, I&#039m looking at using the winsock component, or perhaps even the VB Internet Transfer Control, at least on our side.<BR><BR>There is some sample VB code using the winsock control at<BR> this is the first of 4 lessons they have posted on using the winsock control. Otherwise if you want to be a little leaner maybe check out using the WinInet.dll I can send you some sample code on that if you want.<BR>

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    John D Guest

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    I appreciate your help. Feeling a little overwhelmed right now, but the links you gave may prove very useful. I can write ASP pages fairly well, but have never tried compiling, or creating GUI apps for Windows. This project calls for sending sensitive data collected via a form to another server and receiving the response. Almost exactly the scenario you describe, except I think it may be beyond my ability :-)<BR><BR>JD

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