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    Venkat Doddi Guest

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    I am looking at a Web reporting solution. I need to build sophisticated<BR>reports to a Web online<BR>application.<BR><BR>I am not happy with the output of pure html based reports.<BR><BR>Any suggestions on tools and technologies - greatly appreciated.<BR>We are using IIS, ASP, VIDEV etc. However would like to run under<BR>Netscape and IE 4 version of browsers<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Venkat<BR>

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    Dave Pifer Guest

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    Have you looked at http://www.actuate.com?

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    Scott Leclerc Guest

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    I&#039ve tried both ActiveReports and Crystal Reports 7. I couldn&#039t get ActiveReports to work, even though I really liked it. Crystal Reports was a little tought to get used to, but once I did I found that I could make really good reports. CR7 also comes with ActiveX and Java viewers, so anyone can really view them in the browser. You also can export reports to an HTML report (which surprisingly is very close to the real report) as well as other formats, like Excel. Lastly, CR7 has built-in features like e-mailing reports, so that might be another feature that is attractive to you.

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