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Thread: Target attribute in Response.Redirect

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    Default Target attribute in Response.Redirect

    Hi,<BR> Can I specify a target attribute in Response.Redirect...<BR>when I do that it does not recognise it..<BR>here what I am doing<BR>Response.Redirect "commIndex.asp target=_top"<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>vikki

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    Default I dont think you can...

    As far as i know the url is the ONLY parameter for the response.redirect method. You can ofcourse pass a querystring

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    Default Try this

    I am no guru, but my workaround to this, while cludgy, works. Set the Base Target property on the web page as your target frame for the whole page. That way, the response.redirect will open in the whole window fine. The downside is that any other links on your page that you want to open in a frame as opposed to the whole window will have to have the frame name specified as the target on each link.<BR><BR>Hope that makes sense!

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