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    Chrace Guest

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    Anyone can make a small app with login and all that but where can I find information on how to design large scale web projects?<BR><BR>In my last couple of projects I have been using UML and tweaking it into being possible for non-oop languages such as scripting. Where can I find info on web development phases and system design? 3-tier development would f.ex. be nice to use but I have found it hard to manage. Also how do I design my projects so I can have multi-developer environments creating them?<BR><BR>I know standard UML/OMT/SASD compiler language analysis and design but not web technology in this sense. But I cannot be the only one with problems like this...

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    I think it&#039s gads easier to maintain a 3 tier or n tier application. But that&#039s my preference... <BR><BR>You can search MS&#039 site (I think especially searching in it&#039s DNA area), and you can download real world examples of say, Ask Jeeves solutions (maybe not their actual source code, but they should tell you how they laid everything out)

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    Chrace Guest

    Default Thanks, and for those interested:

    Thanks, found some startup stuff.<BR><BR>For those interested:<BR><BR>

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