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    pj Guest

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    My boss wants me to break down some data into hourly activity instead of just daily activity, but I am having trouble extracting the hour. I haven&#039t found in my SQL book how to do this. In my SQL statement I am trying to get just the hour from a timestamp. I am saying "SELECT hour(myDateField) AS theHour FROM myTable". It doesn&#039t recognize my attempt to use an &#039hour&#039 function. Do you know how I can get just the hour (1-24)?<BR>Thanks for any help!

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    sm549 Guest

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    It depends on the database. What database are you using? <BR>Hour() should work for access, assuming the field contains a valid datetime. For SQL Server try selecting datepart(hh, myDateField).

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    pj Guest

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    Hey, that worked great with SQL Server. Thanks!

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