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    jroberts@jbwww.com Guest

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    We have a service call database (Access 2000) that we would like to interact with WinFax Pro in order to send service orders via e-mail. We currently do this using e-mail, but not all servicers have e-mail. If you can perform such a task, please e-mail me a rate sheet. I will reply with a scope of work. Thank you.

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    Sheetal Guest

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    I have done for a large client using com/faxination server<BR>SEnd me more detail on sheetalkjain@hotmail.com<BR>I will be interested in doing this<BR><BR>Check out my client site where when you make a booking a <BR>automatic fax is being send to their local booking office<BR>at(www.dotw.com)<BR><BR>thanks<BR>sheeta l<BR>

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