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    i want to create a password of 20 characters<BR> which i will use in a vb component<BR> a) i can do this using a function, and hence i get a password of eg &#039qqqqqqqqqqaaaaaaaa&#039 , this is created using a rdm function<BR> plus other code, the thing is , each time you run the random <BR>function it has the same start point so it isnt random at all<BR> .. has anyone got any cool code for createing passwords

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    Default Random seed

    &nbsp;<BR>Usually i use a "seed" upon which to generate a random value (such as a password). Traditionally, this seed is the time (HHMMSS and sometimes milliseconds even) converted into a vanilla integer. This integer then ensures that whenever a new seemingly "random" value is created, it is unique... as the time is always changing.<BR><BR>Hope that helps!<BR>.rob<BR><BR>

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