Cannot login to exchange server using CDO objects

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Thread: Cannot login to exchange server using CDO objects

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    My requirement is to log in to an exchange server account using CDO objects and check for an email, without having to create a profile on the local m/c for the account. I am able to login this way, but am not able to access the Inbox. I get the error<BR>You do not have permission to log on. [Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store - [MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER(8004011D)]]<BR>Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?<BR>My code goes like this:<BR><BR>Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")<BR><BR>objSession.Log on profileInfo:="SVR1" & vbLf & "abc" <BR>&#039---objSession.CurrentUser gives the correct value of the user <BR>&#039-- here ,ie, &#039abc&#039 <BR><BR>&#039--This is where I get the error<BR>Set objInbox = objSession.Inbox<BR>--------------------------------------------------<BR>I dont seem to find a way to give the password for the account, as when profileInfo is given, profilename, ProfilePassword are ignored.

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    I am having the save problem. I am not sure yet but from my research it appears that you must setup the website in IIS to disallow anonymous authentication and force windows nt challenge/response auth. Then add your website to Trusted sites in IE and you should be able to access your mailbox.<BR><BR>hope this helps !

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