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    Hello-<BR><BR>I&#039ve been asked to do some ASP freelance development on the side, and the company wants to know what bill rate I would like.<BR><BR>Could anyone provide me with their bill rate, thoughts, or what you think is a pretty standard ASP hourly bill rate? I don&#039t want to be too LOW or too HIGH.<BR><BR>Thank you kindly in advance.

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    Depends on your level of experience and if you are handy with DB apps. I would say $45-50 for straight .asp and if you can do all the DB stuff $55-60.<BR><BR>Curvezilla

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    Programming rates range from $20 on the ridiculously low side to $150+ on the high side. You should be safe somewhere between 40 and 70 for "on the side" work. If this was your full time job then it would need to be higher. I charge $40 per hour and usually more if providing a price for a project. One thing that I will do from on occasion is give a lower rate for "prepaid" hours in blocks of 4, 8 or 12. Thus they get a discount but I get the month up front.

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