I got to send 30-40 emails at once using ASP (to our company&#039s<BR>mailinglist-subscribers).<BR>I send the emails through the SMTP-server (which is default installed with<BR>IIS5).<BR>But I can&#039t get it done..!?!<BR><BR>Normally, I use plain old CDONTS or the aspMail-component or the<BR>DevMailer-component to send 1 E-Mail, which works perfectly.<BR><BR>But, when I try to send multiple emails, it fails...<BR><BR>I tried these 2 things:<BR>(1) I get the emailadresses from an Access-database; put all of them in BCC<BR>and send<BR>-&#062; doesn&#039t work (is this because the mail - server only admits a number of<BR>BCC&#039s ?)<BR><BR>(2) I make an asp-page which sends one mail; and then &#039redirects&#039 to the<BR>same page which sends the following address in the list, then redirects to<BR>the same page ... and so on, untill all emails have been send<BR>-&#062; doesn&#039t work; somewhere in the middle of this &#039loop&#039, the browser says<BR>"Done", so the end of the loop is never reached, AND NO mails have been<BR>send!! (not even the first one in the &#039loop&#039 !?!?)<BR><BR>Could you plz also reply to my work E-Mail address:<BR>jorn.vango@village.uunet.be<BR><BR>THA NKS!!!<BR>Help is véry much appreciated!!<BR><BR>