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    Hi<BR>I&#039m using Access 2000 I&#039m new to Access I normally use SQL. I have a Access mdb file that was created using an older version of Access.<BR>When I tried to view this file It asked me to convert the file so that Access 2000 can read It, no problems. I get all the tables and data but I am told this file had an application button to access the table data in a certain manner, the trouble is this is missing I still have a backup of the unconverted file. It seem to be losing some of Its features and functionality once converted.<BR>I be grateful If some one could point me in the right direction as the file is Important.<BR>Thanks. <BR>

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    I am not sure I undestood where the button is located. If you have not just tables, but some functionality too, then the following might be useful:<BR>I know that in MS97 the default is DAO while in MS2000 - ADO. You need to check on that since it may be one of the reasons to loose the functionality. Go to project properties-references in MS2000 and check DAO if your app is using it.<BR>HTH.<BR>anna

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